Words from a Significant Other

Dedicated to Mark Adamo, significant other, and Izzy Bui, age 9: the two loves of my life, and the witticisms that traverse between them.


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Izzy’s Wedding Toast/Grace

"Ugh, everyone just took what my sister wrote for me to say."- Izzy Bui, age 11, live and mic’d, giving her wedding toast/grace. 

Words for my Significant Other

So it looks like "Words from a Significant Other" really is the story of our lives. 

Mark Adamo, you say and do the most stupid things. I adore you more and more every day for it.

Thank you for making me your wife. You are my forever significant other. 

Izzy Bui, age 11, takes over the Adamo Wedding Flipbook station. 


I hate people who bowl and don’t take it seriously”- Mark Adamo, significant other

Updates by Izzy, 3.27.13

Izzy’s Wedding Countdown

Future Nuptials

Do you know who I feel bad for?  Izzy’s future husband.”- Mark Adamo, significant other. 

No Offense

This is going to sound mean but it’s kind of a compliment…When you and Becca are together, it’s like Dumb and Dumber”- Mark Adamo, significant other.

How is that a compliment?

It’s my favorite movie”- Mark Adamo, significant other. 


Updates By Izzy, 2.20.13

Izzy has Instagram now. Her profile reads:

"I need funny people, cuz I ain’t got time for all your sad seriousness XOXOX"

Updates By Izzy

I present to you the first in a new series: Updates by Izzy, a stream of  Facebook status updates by your one and only Izzy Bui, age 11.  

As you will come to find these posts are nonsensical, lack crucial context and are oft ridden with grammatical errors and lack of proper punctuation. Please enjoy.


January 21, 2013
why my toothbrush gotta be so dramatic for -_- lml when it fell it dropped all the toothpaste,fell on like 5 things until it hit my foot …
January 18, 2013
i love fb so i can tell my friend something “funny” without them seein what a mess i look < 3
December 20, 2012
How do you expect the cops to find you when you missing if you look like beyonce in your pics but u look like (i forgot the name…chief somethin) for real -my sis showed me that cuz she ♡ editing pics
February 5, 2013
Sometimes I think my friends are mad at me but, then i realize they just liked like 10 of my pic


You know those Apocalypse movies? Where everything is on fire and burning up? That’s how I feel a world run by the Bui’s would look like.”- Mark Adamo, significant other. 


Half Time

I hate everything about what is going on right now, including your behavior.”- Mark Adamo, significant other, responding to a much warranted danceparty to Beyonce’s halftime show. 


Gone Girl.

"So this book Gone Girl. It’s about a girl from the big city who moves to Missouri for love and to get married. It’s pretty much written in your voice because all she does is complain about how horrible small town living is. I mean it’s drawing a lot of parallels.  She ends up going missing, presumed dead, and her husband becomes the main person of interest." -Mark Adamo, significant other.


Sibling Rivalry

Brother Bui: Hey Isabelle, which one of your sisters do you love the most?
Izzy Bui, age 11: I’m not answering that…all of them.
Brother Bui: Which one of us would you say was adopted?

Izzy Bui, age 11: uh,TRINH.
(Note: Trinh Bui, sister #2 of 5)